July 23, 2013

Holly & Sebastian: Eau Claire, Wisconsin Farm Wedding P. I

Holly & Sebby. These two, are one of my favorite couples yet!! I met Holly at this Set-Apart Girl Conference last year in Colorado. And I was so blessed that she flew me out for her special day…I loved capturing the amazing love on this God-glorifying wedding day! Definitely my favorite First Look ever. Two doors covered in Bible pages?? Heck yes! Plus a gorgeous dress, stunning bride, seriously fun groom, cattle in the background, beautiful mother-daughter relationship, Christ-honoring ceremony, and their first kiss EVER!  <3

It was a cloudy day, but the sun came out for the best parts perfectly…the First Look & ceremony! And the rain held off til just the end of the party!

A big thank you to Holly’s family…Alice & Norbert for hosting my family (as I flew out my hubby & baby girl as well! Or rather, we flew back from this Canada family wedding to Wisconsin) for a few days, we had a blast in Wisconsin. You have an amazing family!  :)

If you missed the sneak peek photos, click here. This is Part I…just like my previous wedding blog post, I couldn’t narrow the photos down enough, so there will be a Part II tomorrow with the reception, bridal party photos and more bride & groom photos  :)

A favorite, love the dreaminess…


Get ready for the most awesome First Look every, without actually seeing each other! She’s coming…

His excitement!

Her entrance was spectacular!

A reason I love having second shooters…they can take the time to get shots like the following two.. :)

Foot-washing ceremony that they both did for each other…love!!

Communion  :)

Another favorite…


Post-wedding happiness  :):)


Part II, coming tomorrow!

Also, thanks to Karisa for being such an awesome second shooter, we had fun sweating together!! :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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