July 15, 2013

Victoria & Titus Winnipeg Farm Wedding: Part I.

I’m not sure how to start this post, other than to first explain the backstory for those who aren’t family. Because as the wedding photographer…I’m also in some of the pictures! Victoria is one of my cousins & dearest friends (as well as her sister Elizabeth). Almost 3 years ago, they stood beside me while I got married & were both my maids of honor. When I was younger, my family would fly up every summer to Winnipeg, and the three of us were inseparable! Sleepovers with me trying to keep them up all night, climbing trees in the treeline in pictures below, inventing many games & our own language. They even have their own category on this blog (liz & vic under personal). I remember that Victoria told me she was dating Titus, in the same moment that I told her I was pregnant! Now just over a year later, I got to be her wedding photographer and bridesmaid! (and moma to a nursing 3.5 month old). It was one crazy, busy day. Many, many thanks to Dwayne for being such an awesome second shooter (and main shooter during the ceremony & bridal party pics), my hubby David for also shooting the ceremony & helping me all day, my mom, sister & rest of the family for holding & taking care of Baby Tree throughout the day! Of course there are pictures of her too  ;)

I separated this into two parts because…well, between all the photographers we had (Dwayne, me, David, & my mom a bit), I have a LOT of photos, & couldn’t narrow it down to less from such a long, full day of shooting! Brides, if you’re wondering what a FULL start-to-finish wedding looks like photographed, here’s the perfect example! 14 hours of shooting. Part II will be up tomorrow, of the ceremony & reception (there’s BAGPIPES involved!!). Below is the getting-ready, adorable First Look, & bridal party photos.  :)

If you missed the sneak peek photos, click here.

There’s my baby girl assistant with the bride!*

Rare moment of sitting down, with my assistant baby girl of course  <3

The groomsmen got a sneak peek first!

If you want to know what Jackie (my sister, on the left) is laughing at, check out the groomsmen in the background…

So fun when you get awesome groomsmen!!

A beautiful First Look…

Dwayne, one of my favorite shots that you got!

A real farm girl…walking bare feet in the gravel, of course!

So for the guys, there was a Mission Impossible theme throughout the wedding…wait til you see the epic entry that Titus did for the ceremony!!

Not sure if this was Titus’ idea or Dwayne’s…but I love it! I was busy finally getting changed into my bridesmaid dress!

The requested jump shot.

Thanks to my mom for picking up my camera & grabbing this one…

Victoria’s brothers…looking spiffy.

See why I couldn’t narrow it down…?!

Part II coming tomorrow.


*Funny story…if you back up to the 3rd photo, where Victoria is holding Baby Tree, right above my logo you’ll notice a little something on her shirt…I didn’t see it til after the picture, I went in to give my lil girl a kiss and smelled something! Diaper leakage. Good thing Victoria’s a farm girl  ;)


Florals: Natural Touch Floral Design.


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