June 26, 2013

Winnipeg Canada Wedding: Victoria & Titus Sneak Peek.

Exactly two weeks ago, hubby, baby & I were flying from Florida to Winnipeg, Canada for my cousins wedding. It’s been a crazy two weeks since then…the wedding on Friday, visiting family for a couple days, a Canada baby shower for Lily, flying to Chicago, driving to Wisconsin, visiting some of hubby’s family, driving more & shooting a wedding in Eau Claire Wisconsin, one final day to relax & recuperate, then flying back to Florida…and so began the process of unpacking, organizing, catching up on emails, & getting back to normal life!! But we had a BLAST. And there are so many AMAZING photos & blog posts to come, including two mini-engagement sessions, one with Vic & Titus!

Victoria is my dear dear cousin. She & her sister Elizabeth (Liz) were both my maids of honor almost 3 years ago. Now, I got to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! As well as main photographer (except for the ceremony/bridal party photos), and mama to a nursing 3.5 month old. What a busy crazy day it was! 14 hours of non-stop. Literally. Almost double what I normally shoot for a wedding! I might have to break the wedding into two posts, I have so many pictures & am having trouble narrowing down what to blog! Because what a GORGEOUS wedding it was…

Of course we took many photos around the farm where we grew up every summer together…

And Victoria is STUNNING. Vic I was impressed with your model skills  :)

Beautiful, inside & out. <3

Thanks to my mom for grabbing this one, I love it! Obviously I’m in the picture (2nd from the right) so I didn’t take it.  ;)

Little Ellie cuteness.

Another favorite!! Titus was such a natural in front of the camera…half the time I didn’t even have to direct him!

Can’t wait to share the rest! First up though, a sneak peek from the Wisconsin wedding  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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