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Best 2012 Blessing: Pregnancy Bump Photos, Weeks 27-32.

THIS is my thankful-for & best of 2012 post  :)  While I absolutely love all my wedding couples in 2012, and the best-of photos from each wedding, I’ve got to admit that I love this lil blessing from 2012 just a bit more.  ;)

Already, she’s brought me closer in my relationship with the Lord, as well as in our marriage. I see the way David already loves her & it melts my heart, to hear him talk to my rounded belly, praying for her & when we sing to her together  <3

Today I am officially 32 weeks! Just around 8 weeks left, under two months! (Due date: Feb 28th). In the past few weeks we’ve gotten the car seat installed, built the crib, painted the nursery, gotten the dresser & glider, bassinet for our room. Just need some small things left & decorations for the pink walls now! And lots of organizing & cleaning to do  :)

What I’m second-most thankful for this year is….this man! The one behind-the-scenes who helps me take the photos each week  :) He also poses in the beginning so I can get the lighting & set up the camera settings for him each time. Most of them are him just standing there staring straight ahead, but sometimes he likes to be funny  ;)  The first one on the left is from the very first bump photo week, and the last one on the right is from this week. I’m so thankful for his support, love, care, kindness, serving heart & helpfulness, especially the past few months! And that he doesn’t complain too much when I keep him up half the night with my whale-like tossing & turning, like last night (eep!). And that he kisses me & my belly each morning saying ‘I love you’ before leaving for work  <3

2012 was such an amazing year! Of marriage with my love, so many awesome weddings & couples that I got to shoot, rebranding my website & business, family that I got to spend time with, & the places I got to travel (Guatemala, Las Vegas, Denver, Canada, Charleston, Pennsylvania). David & I are looking forward to 2013 even more though…

Baby Tree, we can’t wait to meet you!!  <3


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