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Rosenort Winnipeg Wedding: Taralee & Nathan

Taralee & Nathan’s wedding was such a GORGEOUS day! I traveled from Florida to Canada to shoot this wedding, the day I arrived & the day I left it was miserable snowing…but Saturday was the one beautiful sunny day that Thanksgiving weekend!! And thankful I felt that whole day, not only for the weather, but for being welcomed & surrounded by such sweet family & bridesmaids, for Taralee choosing me to capture her special day & flying out just for it, and getting to shoot such a God-glorifying love story & wedding! Also seeing my Canadian extended family in Winnipeg for Thanksgiving  <3

Their sneak peek photos here in case you missed it. Full blog post below…  :)


Sweet moments  :)

Nathan’s smile as she walked down the aisle  :)


The new Mr. & Mrs.!


Receiving line & photo wall they had set up  :)

First wedding I’ve attended where they’ve done this (is it a Canadian thing?), but I love it! They each have one shoe of their own & their spouse, and someone asks ‘who will clean the bathroom, who will wash the dishes, mow the lawn?’ and back-to-back, they answer by raising the appropriate shoe(s) that they each think.  :)

Moms behind their daughters, doing the thing that represents their relationship with their spouse/fiancee/boyfriend. Pretty cute  :)

Adorable ring-bearer & flower girl!!

This bridal party was such a blast to be around. Such troopers, even through the cold wind in this backyard.  :)

Sweet sweet ladies  :)

I absolutely adored the bridesmaid dresses, the colors, the bouquets, and the details on the dresses…so gorgeous!

Perfect family photo  ;)

Behind-the-scenes, between shots…jackets & blankets!

Taralee & Nathan  <3

stunning stunning stunning.

In Florida you can’t find a beautiful background like this…Canada I’ll visit you anytime  ;)

The love between these two is amazing, taking photos of them was such a breeze, just capturing their tangible love!

Gorgeous prairie sunset….Your silhouette shot Taralee  :)

Congratulations again Taralee & Nathan…your day was truly special & amazing, I loved being a part of it! Thank you!!  :):)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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