July 16, 2013

Victoria & Titus Winnipeg Farm Wedding: Part II

If you missed part I, click here. It also explains the backstory of why I’m the photographer AND a bridesmaid! Thanks again to Dwayne for being the main shooter during the ceremony & helping so much throughout the day! Thanks to my family too  :)

Now here’s where the groomsmen really stepped up the Mission Impossible theme…a pretty EPIC entry into the Church! Titus was carrying a parachute!! And was handcuffed to a box!

An awesome kiss!

They entered with his Dad playing the bagpipes…!

Their kissing game…

Her brothers demonstrating.

This was one of the best, funniest surprises! They brought their own!!

This is the ‘shoe game’ I’m not sure if it’s only done at Canadian weddings, but that’s only where I’ve ever seen it! Look it up, it’s hilarious fun time  :)

Sisters  <3

Love my family  :)

Got a moment to dance together…to the very last song of the night!  <3

Victoria & her youth girls  :)

Formal exit…bagpipes STYLE!

Victoria, I’m so happy for you & glad you found someone who has made YOU sooooo very happy! You now completely understand why, when I was dating David, we wanted to skype everyday…and can NO longer tease me about anything, since I think you got the bug even worse  ;)  But seriously, beyond excited for you & Titus, that you found the perfect guy for you and that I got to be a part of your special day & stand up there with you, and also capture your sweet memories! And now you’ll go on many adventures together, I’m sure, knowing Titus! Blessings to you, I hope to visit & see you both soon…and do some epic tubing!  <3 <3


Florals: Natural Touch Floral Design.

Venue: Niverville Heritage Center.


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