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Tomorrow we leave for Guatemala…

A BIG part of my heart is in Guatemala. Exactly three years and a week ago, I got back from spending three months there with a missions program called Outtatown. There were thirty of us, mostly teenagers. We’d spent four months before this traveling across Canada and getting to know each other. Then we came to Guatemala, and it was amazing  :):)

Now, tomorrow, I’m finally going back, and I’m taking David with me. He got to hear all about Guatemala from me over the phone, because at the time we were dating long-distance. I absolutely can’t wait to show him so many wonderful things now, in person! Just to walk the cobblestone streets of Antigua again, I can’t believe I’ll be doing that in just over 24 hours. We’re spending most of the time in Antigua, and a weekend in Panajachel. Hopefully, we’ll volunteer at the school where we sponsor lil Cristofer, volunteer at a hospital, zipline, hanglide, kayak in a lake, eat very fresh delicious fruit, climb a volcano, eat at this amazing crepe place called Luna De Miel, visit my host family, and once again have the most DELICIOUS banana bread in the world. All in 11 days.  ;)

Here’s some pics from Outtatown…

Overlooking Antigua

We got to climb a volcano & roast marshmallows over lava. Seriously.

And hiked in the mountains for a week, staying in native Q’eqchi villages. I got really sick one night after eating duck soup, we don’t talk about duck soup EVER, I get nauseous just thinking about it…

Love the Guatemalan people!!

After conquering a mountain on our hikes.

We volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for two weeks  :)

My host family for six weeks, near Antigua. I can’t wait to see them again!!

Tizate. Just a tiny town outside Antigua, with the most amazing school and children. I’m so excited I get to stay with the same host family too!!  :)

That’s the town of Tizate in the background. If you can make out the reddish-brown building blob towards the left-middle, that’s the school!

The school we’re going to volunteer at again. The lil boy jumping rope is Cristofer’s brother  :)

Meet Cristofer, our sponsor kid. Isn’t his smile the most PRECIOUS thing? I thought it was like a baby lions, I can’t stand the adorableness  :):)

Cristofer & I!  <3

Can’t wait to see this lil boy again  :)

Ziplining, which hopefully we’ll be doing!

Inner tubing with Kelly. If you recognize her, its because I took some photos of her this Christmas!

More fun experiences…we rode on the most sketchy ferris wheel!

I can’t wait to ride in a tuk-tuk again! Tiny lil taxi things you squish in  :)

Many of us took surf lessons in El Salvador. That’s actually me!! I only stood up like 3 times though…

I seriously can’t wait to go back, and can’t believe we leave tomorrow. We only booked our flights a month ago, and now its HERE. If you have a moment, please pray for safety for us. David’s most nervous about the being in Guatemala City part, but we should have a Antigua hotel shuttle picking us up. Also, safe flights & just travel in general. Thank you so much!

I will be able to check my email with internet cafes in Antigua, but I’m not sure how often, probably not everyday. So please understand why I might not respond right aways! Also, the blog might or might not be updated during our time there, we’ll have to see how it all works out  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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