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Kelly Winter Photoshoot <3

This is my third blog of the week. That’s never happened before! It’s because almost all of next week, I’m going to be in Las Vegas for a giant photography conference, called WPPI, and so I probably won’t blog at all. At WPPI, thousands of photographers go, and apparently it’s overwhelming. There is so much going on, so many classes, photoshoots, parties, meet-ups, all going on at the same time, and my schedule is already packed, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with it all! I leave tomorrow, and am looking forward to the Simply Bloom Workshop on Sunday…and I also can’t wait to meet all these photographer friends I’ve made online, in person!! Our room is going to have 5 of us girls one night…these next few days are gonna be a BLAST and I can’t wait  :):)

Okay, on to the blog…

Kelly & I have been through a lot together. We spent three months in Guatemala, which is were we really grew close. Not even a month after that, we spent almost the entire spring & summer together working at Red Rock Bible Camp, in the kitchen & counseling…with lots of time together in the kitchen. I really treasure our friendship and how awesome it is! It’s funny how we are different in so many ways, yet it works so well for us. Kelly is one of the most spontaneous girls I know…by far  ;) Versus, I am detail-oriented, and somewhat of a planner…but it works! When I visited my family this Christmas, we met up the morning that David & I were leaving back to Florida. It was so good to see her!! We caught up on life since I saw her in the summer, and then also did a photoshoot of her. This was one outfit change…and the other one was her prom dress (pics soon to come)..totally her idea! I’m so grateful for Kel and her willingness to freeze for me, what else are good friends for?  ;)

Kelly also visited us in Florida just a few days later, spontaneously and last-minute, of course  :) We hung out, did lots of beach time, cooking lessons (her teaching me, of course), painted our nails together, went on a prayer walk, made tough life-decisions, had a missed flight at 7AM, prayed together & encouraged each other. It was an amazing time together!! <3

Here’s our photos from the first half or our photoshoot, and here’s the link to the sneak peak pic. Kelly you did such a good job as a model!


Love that beautiful smile  <3

Kel you are GORGEOUS!

Such a Kelly pose!

Kel, I love you & miss you  <3


<3 <3 <3 <3



<3 <3 <3 <3

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  • Victoria - beautiful!February 17, 2012 – 1:15 PMReplyCancel

  • Laura - Gorgeous! I really love the diptych above the last two pictures. Were these with the 50 1.4?February 17, 2012 – 1:25 PMReplyCancel

  • Victoria James - The funniest thing is seeing the random farm equipment in our back yard used for modeling.February 17, 2012 – 5:48 PMReplyCancel

  • Lydia - These pictures are beautiful and so fun! It was great meeting you at Showit United!February 27, 2012 – 2:43 AMReplyCancel

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