March 2, 2017

Zermatt Switzerland Engagement Photography.

I can’t believe this has taken me so long to blog!! I was in Switzerland last July (for an amazing mountaintop wedding), for goodness sake! But it’s been busy wedding season here in Florida since (I have four weddings this month!!) & my brides (and yes sorry, paying clients lol) take priority, of course. This blog I had been meaning to post by December but didn’t end up having time, still don’t really have time but it was getting kinda ridiculous that I hadn’t blogged it yet so I had to make time for it!

So here’s the story behind this session: while we were spending a couple days in Zermatt prior to the wedding day, it was so beautiful & I just couldn’t wait until the wedding day to take photos around there, so my friend Julia helped encourage me to go up to this couple we saw hanging outside a restaurant with their family, and offered them if the next day we could photograph an engagement-style session around the quaint little town! Thankfully once they got home & checked out my website to know I wasn’t some crazy person haha, they said yes!! And the session turned out even better than I imagined! :) Seriously all of the gorgeous floral walls around Zermatt, the lush grass and flowers and trees, then add in a couple in love…there’s no way not to capture beauty! <3

This is a hotel’s wall and I was in love with it, haha!

Swizerland Engagement Photographer

You wouldn’t know it, but they had literally just finished an almost week-long mountain climbing trek with their family, how awesome is that!!

Europe Engagement Photographer

I mean, how cute are they!!

A favorite:

Swizerland Engagement PhotographyZermatt Engagement Photography

Another few favorites…

Zermatt Engagement PhotograperEurope Engagement Photography

Thank you so much for your patience, Cecilia & Edoardo!! :) Your full online gallery is coming super soon. It was a pleasure to meet you both!


<3 <3 <3 <3


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