March 15, 2016

Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day Experience.

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It’s been a while since I shared a personal post (it’s been non-stop with wedding & shoots since October, it feels like). A week and a half ago, I surprised my hubby with taking him on a romantic picnic date!! Estancia Culinaria is a beautiful, popular wedding venue in the Miami area. It’s based on an organic avocado farm, has this beautiful chapel perfect for ceremonies, and so many amazing spots for bride & groom portraits! So when I saw that they were holding one of their picnic days on March 12th, and it’d been a while since we did a date night, I signed us up!! :)

We arrived a bit late (due to parenthood, and coming from another little kids birthday party I was photographing a bit for) but were welcomed with a cute blanket & pillows with my name on them, and set up our picnic food we’d brought. At some point we did some more walking around (the weather was perfect, and the location so pretty!), and they offered a farmhouse tour (we skipped, as I’d seen it before, and we just wanted to relax the whole time). With the music playing, and just the time away from the kids, it was so romantic! :)

Here’s some photos from my big camera which I brought along…

Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-1Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-2Estancia CulinariaEstancia Culinaria Picnic Day-4Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-5

View from our blanket…

Estancia Culinaria Picnic DayEstancia Culinaria Picnic Day-7

Handsome hubby, all mine! :)

Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-8Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-9Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-10

It’s a tad hard trying a selfie with a big camera & lens, haha.

Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-11

Then the lights came on & it was even more magical! :)

Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-12Estancia Culinaria Picnic DayEstancia Culinaria Picnic Day-14

And we got to enjoy this beautiful South Florida sunset…

Estancia Culinaria Picnic Day-16

Thank you Estancia Culinaria for hosting these! So great :)


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