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Bamboo Gallery Wedding in Davie.

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding, for well over a year! Cari & I met up at the end of 2014, and then we did their engagement photos at the University of Miami (see them here), and just from that fun shoot I knew how great their wedding day would be! The rain completely held off (it was threatening all week) and we even got some sunlight right at sunset! I loved capturing Cari & Ray’s love & wedding day!! Scroll down below to see some of the highlights…

Bamboo Gallery Wedding-1Bamboo Gallery Wedding-2Bamboo Gallery Wedding-3Bamboo Gallery Wedding-4Bamboo Gallery Wedding-5Bamboo Gallery Wedding-7Bamboo Gallery Wedding-9Bamboo Gallery Wedding-14Bamboo Gallery Wedding-15Bamboo Gallery Wedding-16Bamboo Gallery Wedding-18Bamboo Gallery Wedding-32Bamboo Gallery Wedding-33Bamboo Gallery Wedding-35Bamboo Gallery Wedding-36Bamboo Gallery Wedding-6Bamboo Gallery Wedding-8Bamboo Gallery Wedding-10Bamboo Gallery Wedding-11Bamboo Gallery Wedding-12Bamboo Gallery Wedding-13Bamboo Gallery Wedding-17Bamboo Gallery Wedding-19Bamboo Gallery Wedding-20Bamboo Gallery Wedding-21Bamboo Gallery Wedding-22Bamboo Gallery Wedding-23Bamboo Gallery Wedding-24Bamboo Gallery Wedding-25Bamboo Gallery Wedding-26Bamboo Gallery Wedding-27Bamboo Gallery Wedding-28Bamboo Gallery Wedding-31Bamboo Gallery Wedding-34Bamboo Gallery Wedding-38Bamboo Gallery Wedding-29Bamboo Gallery Wedding-30Bamboo Gallery Wedding-37Bamboo Gallery Wedding-39Bamboo Gallery Wedding-40Bamboo Gallery Wedding-41Bamboo Gallery Wedding-42Bamboo Gallery Wedding-43Bamboo Gallery Wedding-44Bamboo Gallery Wedding-46Bamboo Gallery Wedding-45Bamboo Gallery Wedding-47Bamboo Gallery Wedding-48Bamboo Gallery Wedding-49Bamboo Gallery Wedding-50Bamboo Gallery Wedding-51Bamboo Gallery Wedding-52Bamboo Gallery Wedding-53Bamboo Gallery Wedding-54Bamboo Gallery Wedding-55Bamboo Gallery Wedding-56Bamboo Gallery Wedding-57Bamboo Gallery Wedding-58Bamboo Gallery Wedding-59Bamboo Gallery Wedding-60Fort Lauderdale wedding venueBamboo Gallery Wedding-62Fort Lauderdale wedding venuesWedding at the Bamboo GalleryBamboo Gallery WeddingBamboo Gallery Davie WeddingBamboo Gallery Wedding-67

Such a special moment.

Bamboo Gallery Wedding-68Bamboo Gallery Wedding-69Bamboo Gallery Wedding-70Bamboo Gallery Wedding-71Bamboo Gallery Wedding-72Bamboo Gallery Wedding-73Bamboo Gallery Wedding-74Bamboo Gallery Wedding-75Bamboo Gallery Wedding-76Bamboo Gallery Wedding-77Bamboo Gallery Wedding-78Bamboo Gallery Wedding-79Bamboo Gallery Wedding-80Bamboo Gallery Wedding-81Bamboo Gallery Wedding-83Bamboo Gallery Wedding-84Bamboo Gallery Wedding-85Bamboo Gallery Wedding-86Bamboo Gallery Wedding-87Bamboo Gallery Wedding-88Bamboo Gallery Wedding-89Bamboo Gallery Wedding-90Bamboo Gallery Wedding-91Bamboo Gallery Wedding-92Bamboo Gallery Wedding-93Bamboo Gallery Wedding-94

Business in the front…

Bamboo Gallery Wedding-82

Party in the back!!

Bamboo Gallery Wedding-95Bamboo Gallery Wedding-96Bamboo Gallery Wedding-97Bamboo Gallery Wedding-98Bamboo Gallery Wedding-99Bamboo Gallery Wedding-100Bamboo Gallery Wedding-101Bamboo Gallery Wedding-102Bamboo Gallery Wedding-103

Two of my gorgeous JTPbrides in one photo!! Looking forward to Jessica’s wedding day in about a year! :)

Bamboo Gallery Wedding-104Bamboo Gallery Wedding-105Bamboo Gallery Wedding-106Bamboo Gallery Wedding-107Bamboo Gallery Wedding-108Bamboo Gallery Wedding-109Bamboo Gallery Wedding-110Bamboo Gallery Wedding-111Bamboo Gallery Wedding-112Bamboo Gallery Wedding-113Bamboo Gallery Wedding-114Bamboo Gallery Wedding-115Bamboo Gallery Wedding-116Bamboo Gallery Wedding-117Bamboo Gallery Wedding-118Bamboo Gallery Wedding-119Bamboo Gallery Wedding-120

Congratulations again Cari & Ray!! It was an honor :) Many more photos to come in the online gallery!!


Vendor credits:

Venue – Bamboo Gallery.

Videographers – Lexoria Wedding Films.

Caterer – Creative Cuisine Catering.

DJ – Pariba Productions.

Cake – Julissa’s Cake Design.

Florist – Aba Flowers.

Makeup & Hair – Makeup by Roseli.


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