September 23, 2014

Baby Tree Two: Sibling Gender Reveal.

If you missed our announcement about Baby Tree #Two, check it out here  :)

Sooo….drumroll please for the gender reveal!! I tried to keep it from being two cheesy, but coming up with an original idea involving a toddler who doesn’t totally understand you isn’t easy  ;) Originally we took some photos outdoors, but I just wasn’t happy with them. Seeing as it’s September in Florida, it is rainy/super cloudy every evening for the foreseeable week, and we wanted to share the news soon. So we had to do sunrise instead, which ended up actually being 9:30am which didn’t give me anything close to that magic hour sunlight. I posted a few below but def wasn’t as pleased with them as with other photos I’ve gotten in the exact same location (right between a gas station and the street) at sunset. This is why timing & sun matter so much for photographs :)

PS: the hearts are leftover decorations from her smashcake background for her birthday :) And thanks to Aunty Emily for helping me get some smiles out of her!!

PPS: Before scrolling down, what is YOUR guess?? :)

And which one will she let go of……….

YAYYYY!! <3 <3

My favorite picture. That smile!!! :):):):)

So here are the outdoor ones :) She also didn’t really like holding the balloons (or even having them tied to her) so getting pictures was more difficult. Plus with the wind!!

Hmmm…GIRL or BOY?  ;)

Wanting the balloons off…

(Just to show you the difference *magic hour* light makes, I added this pic from Mother’s Day that hubby took of my daughter & I (after I set up the camera location & settings) with just slightly different editing too, and a prettier background since we’re facing west not east).  <3

David & I are soooo excited to welcome another little lady into our family!! Two little sisters, how adorable are they going to be!!!! :):):):)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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