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Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada Engagement Photos: Ariana & Eric.

I am only in the Winnipeg area a couple of times a year, but whenever I do come up, Canada is just so beautiful I want to photograph a wedding/session there every time despite it being vacation-time! Any excuse to come up to pretty Canada, really  ;)

Ariana & Eric drove out from Winnipeg, Manitoba to my family’s cabin in Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods, Ontario for their engagement shoot…and it couldn’t have turned out better!! The perfect weather & amazing backgrounds to play with. We photographed for a total of around three hours (Eric is a trooper!!), with some long breaks for outfit changes and a yummy dinner with my family  :)

Looking forward to their 2016 wedding!!!  <3

If you missed their sneak peek photos last week, click here.

Seriously, Ariana’s smile is gorgeous & so contagious!!

One of my faves…

I don’t typically do this pose, but this is my favorite version ever of it…  :)



This is on the driveway to my parents cabin…yes you literally feel like you’re driving on a cliff! There is more rock & brush still further out there that you can’t see in the picture, but driving it can be nerve-wracking!  What a view though  :)

Thanks to Jenna Rae Cakes for these adorable ‘bride and groom’ cupcakes!!  <3

Ariana is just the cutest!!

What a gorgeous, 100+ year old vintage wedding ring…I love the detailing!!

We stumbled upon this gorgeous flower field…and I practically yelled at Eric who was driving, stop stop STOP the car!! It was SOOO worth it  :):)

Two favorites…

Just gorgeous!!

<3 <3

Another favorite!  <3

A big thank you to…

Jenna Rae Cakes for the cute cupcakes!

Ariana’s friend Kiera for the floral crowns!

And Eric & Ariana for driving out to Lake of the Woods…I had a blast!!  :):)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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