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Miami Beautiful Backyard Maternity Session: Jessica & Ryan.

Not sure I could have dreamed of a more beautiful location for this maternity session…and it was in their own backyard!! Ryan is a master stone mason, so he created this paradise  :)  Which even has a natural spring pool…which they jumped into at the end…EPIC!

If you missed their sneak peek photos, check them out here.

Seriously, check out this paradise they get to enjoy!!  :):)

They even raise chickens as well as have their own vegetable garden!

Jessica, you are SO beautiful!! Glowing Mama-to-be  :)

Isn’t the pool area just STUNNING!? I love all the mini-ferns  :)

And….into the water they went!!!

You can’t top Ryan’s face  :)

That baby is going to have some seriously amazing eyes!!

And now…my favorites! I think my heart was doing the biggest *happy dance* at this moment, it was so beautiful!! The best way to end, ever  :)

Thanks to Jess & Ryan for being so willing! Definitely some memories made  :):)

A big thank you also to Churchill’s Photography who introduced me to these two…so blessed by you guys!


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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