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Abby & Ryan: Madison, Wisconsin Engagement Session

When we flew to Wisconsin for this wedding, we also stopped in Madison to visit one of my husband’s cousins, Billy & his wife Mary Rose. I had rented a new lens to try out & wanted to get some practice with it, so I asked Mary Rose if she knew any engaged couples. It just so happened that such a couple had moved in next door to them just three weeks prior! So we made plans for a quick photoshoot that evening around sunset. Thank you so much Abby & Ryan for being so willing to be my practice models! The lens that I rented was a tilt-shift lens…which is a lens that has moving parts (and not just the normal inside ones, or zooming abilities) where you actually tilt and shift and can rotate the lens! The result is a blurry effect with one line of focus across the photo…no matter the distance between subjects & background. Whereas normally there is a plane of focus that is all the same distance from the camera (ie. the subjects ten feet away from you are in focus, while the background is not). Since this was a new lens in my hands, I wanted to be confident with it before the wedding, and Abby & Ryan were so amazingly patient with me while I figured out how best to work it! We didn’t do a large variety of poses because I was trying different tilt-shift methods with each pose, and loving the variety that alone provided…

I love the dreamy blurriness created  <3

Below, is an example of a photo with a normal lens…see how Ryan & Abby are all in focus, the background & foreground (the very blurry leaf partially covering his head) are all out of focus.

This photo is before tilting & shifting, but with the lens…

And now, the photo on the right, see how the flowers on the left are in focus, but on the right (the same distance away) they aren’t? Yet the tree in the background, over a hundred feet away, is also on one side in focus. Here, obviously the line of focus is vertical. In the rest it’s horizontal. This lens is the only type that can produce this effect  :)


Thank you again Abby & Ryan, you two were awesome! Enjoy the photos  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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