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Weekly Pregnancy Bump Photos: Weeks 19-26 <3

This post is a bit late. When I put up my 13-18 weeks bump photos, I said I’d update every 2 or 4 weeks. But the last two months were a bit crazy with editing…four weddings, a maternity session, a baby shower & engagement session. Plus regular life – flying to Canada, shooting weddings, our gender reveal photos, getting the nursery ready, baby shower, getting ready for Christmas, family here for a week…it’s been a wonderful kind of busy  :)

So finally, here are weeks 19-26! I am currently 28 weeks, and will try to update at 30 weeks. Due date reminder: Feb 28th 2013  <3

What’s happened with Baby Tree since week 18…we found out she’s a girl, and the night before that we felt her move for the first time while we were praying (amazing!). She flew internationally to Canada & back, getting to celebrate two Thanksgivings this year. We picked out her name, but are keeping it a complete secret til she’s born. I failed the first glucose test, couldn’t keep it down for the second, and finally passed the third one! We painted her nursery pink. Auntie Liz surprise visited for a week. Felt her kick everyday & loved her more. Seen her Daddy be such a good help to me & her. Had my beautiful baby shower thanks to my mom’s  :)

BLESSED. so blessed.

And here’s some more outtakes of iso being a sweetie & giving kisses  <3  Look at how much bigger he is in week 25 versus week 15…crazy!

Happy Tuesday!  :)


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