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Winnipeg Canada Maternity Session: Anna & Bruce.

While I was up in Canada to shoot this wedding, I was also lucky enough to shoot Anna & Bruce’s maternity session! Of course I loved getting to talk to another soon-to-be-momma  :) We had a blast walking around shooting at my Grandparent’s grain farm. These two are so cute & were such great subjects…I think we laughed & giggled pretty much half the time, having fun the whole shoot, even through the chilly weather! Thank you Anna & Bruce for choosing me to capture these precious moments of expectation & excitement in your lives  <3

One of my favorites  <3

Canada is just SO beautiful to shoot in! Even at the very end of fall!

FAVORITE. cuteness.

Story here: 19 weeks pregnant, Bruce helped me climb up a bail to take some from-above shots. I got Anna to take a picture as proof! We joked around, whose photoshoot was it anyways?  ;)

The result: so worth it. I also found out just how tightly those bails are wrapped with that blue twine…tightly enough you can’t use it to grip or pull yourself up, so poor Bruce had to just kinda of heave me far enough up that I balanced over the middle! We totally had fun  :)

You two are going to be such great parents! Your love shows it. <3

Anna, you’re glowing!

Congratulations on your lil boy…hopefully next time I’m up in Canada I’ll get to meet him, and you’ll get to meet my lil girl  :):)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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