September 18, 2012

Brooksville Tampa Wedding: Felicia & Gabriel.

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OHHHH so excited to be posting the full blog on this beautiful wedding! If you missed it, check out the sneak peek, where I hinted about a God-glorifying five-year relationship that saved their FIRST KISS for their wedding day! YES. I met these two when I was 15 & started going to their youth group then Church. Eventually they started courting/dating, and exactly a year later, David started courting me! We found out when we celebrated our one-year anniversary, and they were celebrating their two-year the same day. Now, almost exactly (just one week off! We really like to share these special dates apparently!) two years later from when David & I got married, they joined hands in marriage. And shared their first-ever kiss. And David & I thought we had it hard…they went almost twice as long as we did waiting for that amazing kiss!  <3

Who knew when we became friends that I’d be shooting their wedding all these years later…while pregnant too!!  ;)

This post might be a little longer than usual…I seriously couldn’t narrow it down more! Felicia’s family is very dear to me…I love them all! Her sister, mother & father. I loved capturing every moment, and might have cried next to her mom at her dad’s toast where he gave Gabe the key necklace to Felicia’s heart that she gave him when she was thirteen… <3 <3

Gabe’s co-bestmen…his brother Marcos & best friend Andy.

These pink socks will make another appearance later!

Hand-delivered gifts & letters for each other…so cute! In the case below the letters are framed letters she wrote to her future husband many years ago  <3

LOVE these two!

First Look where they don’t actually see each other…beyond adorable & still so special if a bride doesn’t want the groom to actually see her before the ceremony!

Praying together  <3

Favorite bridesmaid photo.

A very shy flowergirl  :)

Felicia you are GORGEOUS!! Shooting these bridals was such a breeze & making me so happy just looking at them on the back of my camera!  :):)

Just minutes before the ceremony…

So precious.

The ceremony was shared in both English & Spanish…pretty awesome!

And of course…the KISS!  <3

And the JOY….

Knowing each of these guys for years made this groomsmen shot so much fun  :)


A favorite…

Just sayin’…he totally did this on his own the first time…I just asked him to POP his foot a bit more so I could see the sock!  ;)

Their First Dance song was “A Summer’s Song” by Wavorly…if you haven’t heard it, go do so NOW  <3

His ring has her fingerprint on it…and also says ‘Favorite’ on the inside  <3

Cutest little sister speech  :)

Lots of spanish dancing happened, of course!

I even got to dance for a song with my love <3 He arrived in time for the last hour of the reception & got to see everyone!

Felicia & Gabe, thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer! I loved EVERY moment & being a part of it. I love you both & wish you so many blessings in your marriage!  <3

Thanks also to my awesome second shooter Sarah, and my impromptu assistant/amazing friend Ayriel for helping carry around my bag half the day!  ;)


Wedding Details…

Videographer: Life’s Highlights

Florist: Sherwood Florist

Ceremony Location: Brooksville Wesleyan Church

Reception Location: Brooksville Country Club

Hair Stylist: Briana Burdelsky


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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