September 5, 2012

The most JOYOUS news… {Baby Tree}

How perfect that we’re sharing this today! Two years ago to the date, I walked down the aisle, shared my first-ever kiss, and married the love of my life. I can’t believe it’s been two years already…they have just flown by! Two years of wedded bliss <3 David Tree, I love being married to you!! I love our life together, the house we’re making our own more every month, waking up next to you in the mornings, our love for board games, your hugs, reading cuddled up together, how well you know me, praying together, Starbucks date nights talking about life, how you encourage me so in my photography, how hard you work…and this baby we’re now welcoming into our family! I am soooo BLESSED.

We’re so-filled-with-JOY to say that…I am 14, almost 15 weeks pregnant. It’s a little later than we originally wanted to share, but our announcement photoshoot got delayed by weather, and it ended up being taken on film, so there was developing time & such! My good friend Michelle from Michelle March Photography took these amazing film shots for our announcement photos, and we’re so grateful! I love the way film looks, and how Michelle uses it. There are still many film photographers that are very successful (I was asked this recently by people), Michelle being an example, and photographers can easily tell the difference between a digital photograph & a film one. It’s just beautiful the way film is  :)  There’s a couple digital photos at the end of this blog, taken at the same time by Michelle’s boyfriend Mike (who shoots wedding videography), to see the difference. Thank you a million times again, Michelle & Mike!  <3

Coming up with original announcement photos was a bit hard! Of course though, with our last name being Tree…we had to incorporate that  :) Plus my love for scrapbooking. And flower petals from the pink & blue flowers David gave me a couple days after we found out, at the end of June. Plus, our ultrasound picture!

A favorite  :)

How we feel  :) No…not the baby’s name!  ;)

Our due date is 02-28-2013!

Taken at the same time, below is the digital versions, which I totally love also!  :)

We are so very excited…and so is our family! Happy to say that this affects none of my wedding clients, so brides, don’t worry! And I won’t be taking any weddings mid-Jan through mid-April at least. In just over a month, we will be finding out the gender of the baby & sharing that. We might keep the name a secret til he or she is born though!!  ;)

We’re also so grateful, to the Lord for blessing us like this. We can’t wait for this next stage of life and how He’ll lead us!

Thanks again to Michelle March Photography for the amazing photos!


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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