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Antigua, Guatemala Photoshoot and how I was dying everyday…

It was our last of eleven evenings in Antigua, Guatemala. It was six o’clock, the sun was almost setting, and the markets closed at seven since it was a Sunday. We had an hour left to get all our gifts for family & friends back home. Yet instead, I dragged David to Parque Central, to where all the crowds were. Every single evening previously, I’d told David that I was DYING. Because the light was so pretty, and the city & cobblestone streets were so beautiful, and I really wanted to find an adorable couple to photograph. But I was always too scared. Going up to two strangers & asking them to pose for you, not knowing if they’ll say yes, or think you’re weird or trying to get money out of them, or even speak english. So all of the previous ten nights, I’d stayed scared & comfortable, just wishing & wishing & wishing. Ya right, like a couple was just going to come up & ask me to take pictures of them, randomly…

So finally, it was our last night, and the sun was going to set in fifteen minutes. And I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to do it. So we walked around the fountain in Parque Central & I kinda creeped was watching this one couple that were walking around holding hands across from us. And when they started walking away from the fountain, I pulled David along to follow them & finally pull up the courage. And then another couple walked across our path, and the other ones were walking away too fast. I turned to David & whispered so quickly and nervously that I’m surprised he understood, “how about them? I’m going to ask them. I’m gonna do it. I can’t not. I need you to come with me. Help me. Hold my hand.”

And so, nervous and almost stuttering, I went up to the couple & explained that I was a wedding photographer from Florida visiting, and that it was just so pretty here and I really wanted to take photos of a couple together on the cobblestone streets. And they were so sweet, Lucia & Christopher, and totally up for it. We had ten minutes of sun left, so I just brought them to the street beside Parque Central & we used those ten minutes amazingly. I was still pretty nervous, not being totally in my element & barely knowing them, being kind of all excited/nervous that this was actually happening, wishing I had my other lenses as well than just my 50mm, and on top of it all there were people right off to the right at Parque Central watching us. But L & C were really relaxed (it helped that my hubby was joking with them too, he’s off to the side) & seriously rocked it out. Christopher is from Guatemala, Lucia is from Texas & moved to Guatemala to teach english, they met & have been dating two months. Seriously, soooo adorable  :)

Here’s our ten minutes of amazingness  <3

I love Christopher’s white pants. I really wanted to get David a pair  :)


Lucia, I love your hat! And your gorgeous smile  <3

Now I know next time, that I can do it. And hopefully I won’t be quite as nervous, and I’d have more time & be able to go to many of the beautiful locations & ruins that would also be amazing to photograph in. Why can’t Florida have crumbling ancient gorgeous ruins?  :)

Thank you again to Lucia & Christopher, who said yes to the random girl on the street who asked to take photos of them  <3


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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  • jennifer blair - Aw, these are so sweet! :) LOVE!!!!May 14, 2012 – 12:55 PMReplyCancel

  • Margie Woehrmann - Lucia is my grand daughter and an amazingly beautiful young woman…her love for the Lord shines out of her always. She is funny, motivated, full of laughter and sunshine…and loves teaching school. Thanks for taking such BEAUTIFUL photos… they looked like they could be a layout for a travel magazine ad! We miss her so it was fun to “see” her through your lens..Thanks.May 14, 2012 – 7:58 PMReplyCancel

  • Cathy Flamenco - Jillian, Lucia is my second precious daughter and words can’t begin to describe the moments you captured and the emotion it caused for this momma’s heart! Who knows what Lucia’s future holds for her? But I know the ONE who holds her future and in HIM I trust! You are an inspirational young woman in your photography and in your faith!May 16, 2012 – 5:44 PMReplyCancel

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