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My WPPI Roomies.

There were five of us total rooming together for WPPI 2012 (<- link to my WPPI overall experience). Yes, five girls to one junior suite, the smallest room in the Signature, with only…one bathroom. We totally survived two nights of this. Saturday night, there was three of us. Sunday & Monday nights, five. Tuesday, we said goodbye to Valentina. Wednesday, we said goodbye to Samantha. It was so hard saying goodbye already after just a few days of being with each of them, getting to know them & sharing awesome experiences together…I seriously miss all of them sooooo much!  <3

Some of my best memories: staying up late almost every night talking about photography & life…  :)

Being roommates with these amazing ladies. We never did a picture of all five of us (when I realized that, I was so sad!), but here’s Samantha, Megan, Alejandra & I  <3

Grocery-shopping with Alejandra the night I got in…and buying just a lilllll too much  ;)  of course I needed two boxes of cereal for five days!!

Sharing hair accessories with Valentina! Valentina, Alejandra & I  :)

Megan doing my hair in this amazing romantic messy bun for the P31 Soiree. I wish I could’ve done her hair back but it was already gorgeous from earlier!

Buying lace TOMS, my first pair ever. Glad I got to share this experience with friends!  :)

We did a roommate photoshoot at noon on wednesday & had so much fun  :)  Alejandra lookin’ so cute!

In that grocery-shopping trip, I decided to buy pancake batter & even syrup, for us all to make together one morning. That didn’t end up working out with everyone getting up at different times, but we made them the last night with bananas….and they were seriously the most delicious banana pancakes I’ve ever had. We got creative and added blueberries & even chocolate shavings!  :)

This was our last night in Vegas, walking around together…Megan, Alejandra & I  :)

While walking around we randomly stopped in CVS for something…and found these ADORABLE mugs & decided to all get them as a reminder of our time together!! <3


Check out each of these ladies & their incredible photography…

Alejandra Vidal – Imaginale Design

Megan Bookhammer – MB Studios

Samantha Lord – Orange Photographie Photography

Valentina Glidden – Valentina Glidden Photography


I miss each of you SO much, and hope to see you again soon. Please come visit Florida! And I’m looking forward to hopefully another amazing WPPI together next year  ;)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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  • Alejandra Vidal - Jillian — I can’t even tell you how thankful I am that you opened up your room to us! I also can’t believe how much we lucked out with our roomies! Those pancakes were insssaaane. Delicious. And our mugs? They will always remind me of our amazing time. I miss you and all the girls! <3March 13, 2012 – 2:22 PMReplyCancel

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