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My Family’s Christmas <3

I love my family’s Christmas in Canada. We always get together either at one of my aunt’s house or my grandma’s house – this year it was Grandma’s house, on the farm, another of my favorite places in the world. It may have been twice as expensive to fly up to Canada right around Christmas versus early December or late January, but David hadn’t experienced my family’s Christmas yet, so this year we went! The whole two weeks we were up there it was way warmer than a normal Canadian Christmas in Winnipeg…barely any snow, and the coldest it got down to was -12 C. So unfortunately David never got to snowmobile, have a snowball fight, or other fun winter activities…next time we’ll go up in january to make sure there’s LOTS of snow!!  :)

We forgot to take a whole-family picture, but these are some of the ones I snapped throughout the night…

Chilling on the stairs talking with Victoria & Lauren, I took this picture. I think I have a major thing for eyelash pictures…  <3

After the yummiest Christmas dinner, we all sat around to open presents..

A cute hubby <3

Liz, who flew all the way from Sweden for Christmas!

Cousin Patrick.

Andrew, with his new flowwwy hair..  ;)

My sister was happy with her Value Village (thrift store) gift certificate from Grandma!

David got some ‘hot hands’ warmers…which he then used on the -12 C day!

Proud of my hubby taking these…I set up the camera settings for him, and even with a 1.4 aperture he did well in most of the pics with focusing right!!

Okay, I maybe get kinda excited about Chokecherry Jam. It’s the only kind of jam I like (picky-eater alert), and normally every summer growing up we would pick chokecherries for my Grandma and she would make the jam! Unfortunately this year the chokecherry bushes didn’t do well, so this was store-bought jam – therefore never as good as Grandmas’s, but I was still excited to have some!

Then we handed off my camera to my mom, who also did pretty well!  :)

LOVE the window-hanging pretty glass ornament she gave us!!!


My sister got me the most awesome camera necklace ever…..! Mom, I’m not sure if it was on purpose (her first time using my camera ever), but I love the way you focused this picture!  :)

Almost all the female cousins! Love all these girls verrrrryy much, miss them very much, and cannot wait till I see them again!  <3

I hope you had as lovely a Christmas!  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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  • Emilia Jane - You are so cute! The necklace is adorable and that jam sounds DELICIOUS!!January 17, 2012 – 12:19 PMReplyCancel

  • Daniela Burzese - Jillian, looks like you guys had a wonderful time here in Canada. Guess what? There still isn’t any snow. Well where I am anyways :) Definitely not complaining :). Great pictures.January 17, 2012 – 12:28 PMReplyCancel

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