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Sister’s Retro Shoot.

My sister has been waiting for this for a week and a half…and bugging me half those days to put it up  ;)

These were taken over Thanksgiving, when my family was down from New Jersey and we met in Venice Beach, FL for a few days. It was a wonderful mini-vacation with family  :)  My sister, Jackie, had this retro bike that she wanted to do a shoot with! So spontaneously one night, we did a girls photoshoot – of course, what do a bunch of girls do together when one of them’s a photographer??  :)  (heres a sneak peak from a different outfit change, the same night).

Unfortunately with our spontaneity, it was too long to ride the bike to the beach, so we did our photoshoot without it. We had some other sweet props to make up for it though!  :)

My sister made those shorts, out of a pair of jeans she found at a thrift store. Creative? Yes.

I love the poses we did  :)

(above) FAVORITE.

Beautiful  <3

This was an experiment shot. I kinda had her get a little wet for it….but it was so worth it!! Shot at F/1.4

Okay, opinions friends. Do we look a lot alike? Would you have guessed she was my sister (and only sibling)?

I love how the shoot turned out. Jackie, you had a great idea!!


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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  • Robert and Marlene G - They are excellente pictures I love the close up shots, I think you are a great photographer, and you don’t look alike!December 9, 2011 – 1:57 PMReplyCancel

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