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One year of Bliss & Blessings.

(disclaimer: I may or may not overuse the word ‘love’ in this post).

David, I cannot believe it’s been a year now. It was one year ago today, that we were getting married. All dressed up, nervous, excited, full-of-love, & so ready for that kiss!! Sharing our hearts, committing to each other for life. This year has flown by, and been so amazing. I love being married to you. You are wonderful, caring, charming, goofy, loving, romantic, funny, encouraging, hard-working, understanding, & my handsome True Love.  I love all the things you’re willing to do for & with me, all the date nights we go on, & how you make me so happy. I love how you want to treasure each moment we have together, like I do. How you can get me out of a blah mood by being goofy & getting me to laugh. How you put up with me when I say I just want to talk, & then just look at you, waiting for you to talk (it’s because I just want to look at you & be close to you…now you know why!!). I love singing together in the car not caring, my not-so-good voice anything but a compliment to your much-better singing. I love how you laugh when I mispronounce words & think it’s cute. How you tell me everyday that I’m beautiful. How you can tell the times when I’m frustrated & just need to be cuddled. How you also put up with me interrupting you (atleast four times per night) while you’re reading to show you pictures – oh, the life of a photographer’s spouse  ;)

I love how you’ve encouraged me so much in my photography. Especially in the past nine months, when I started really striving harder for it at the beginning of this year. The times when I felt overwhelmed – with sooooo much to learn, neverending articles & forum threads I had bookmarked about photography that I could learn from but not the time to read them with so much to do; when I’ve felt discouraged about what I was doing; when I’ve tried to fight off that oh-so-easy-to-get envy at seeing other amazing photographers & their beautiful photos and comparing them to mine; when I felt inadequate & unsure if I had the right personality for this – you have encouraged me, helped me to grow, challenged me, helped push me out of my comfort zone, helped me to narrow my focus on what is most important to spend my time on in my business, helped me with the finances by making that beautiful excel spreadsheet, and told me you were proud of me when I felt overwhelmed or inadequate. I would NOT be where I am today in my photography, without your help.

So thank you. For being you. For being wonderful. For this amazing past year together. For marrying me. For believing in me. I feel so blessed. This past year has been awesome. I look forward to soooo many more years together!!  :)


I love you David. Love Never Fails.

& I agape you.

(One of our favorite pictures, taken just minutes after getting married, thanks to Moore Photography)


<3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3

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