September 2, 2011

Little Oliver Sneak Peak & September Goals.

Jamie is my oldest cousin on my mom’s side. He was also the MC at our wedding…and did an AMAZING job. And, several years ago, he also married an AMAZING lady, named Lisa. Almost a year and a half ago, they had their first baby, little Oliver. ‘Little‘ may not be quite the correct word, as he was quite the cute chub, even getting the nickname ‘buddha’ from family. The last time I had seen him was at our wedding almost a year ago, so when David & I visited my family up in Canada in July, we got to see him again…and how he’s grown! Oh my, he looks just like his daddy!! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the adorable pictures I took one day when we were at the lake…

Can’t wait to put up the rest of the cuteness…


September goals. I’ve seen many other photographers do this on blog posts, write out their goals for the month/ year. And I thought that it would be something good to do for me, to have goals written out, to be more accountable to them, to really try and accomplish them! So, here are my September goals:

  • To launch my website & facebook page. I’m so close to being done, and getting really excited!!  :)
  • To get my laptop calibrated. Because no, I still haven’t gotten my calibrator to work yet, unfortunately.
  • Beat David at several games of rummy. No, I’m not competitive at all!  ;)
  • Blog twice a week every week, atleast.
  • Streamline my workflow. Find a way to make it more efficient.
  • Play my guitar just for fun much more.
  • Do laundry more often  ;)
  • Start using my office space at all more. I just need to clean it up a bit, okay?
  • Catch up on editing somewhat, pictures from our Canada vacation of family & such.
  • Be a better wife.  :)

For now, David & I are taking the weekend off. Going to stay in Venice Beach, FL for a few days. Special occasion? Why yes, it’s just our one-year anniversary on monday!  :)

Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend as well!!


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