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Don’t try this at home, newlyweds. Don’t make the same mistake I did, and think you’ll get less busy and have time to do them later; cuz it won’t happen – as a matter of fact, life tends to get busier!! I don’t even want to say just how close our one-year anniversary is, because its too embarrassing that I haven’t finished this simple, required task. Can you guess what the task is? Thank-you cards. Yep, good ol’ handwritten thank you cards. Or atleast that’s how I wanted to have them, instead of with the thank you message pre-printed. I’m still glad I did that, I just hope all the guests & friends at our wedding don’t mind that they’re so late, and it’s made up by the fact that I handwrote them instead of a simple, not-as-personal, general typed message printed onto every card.

Not to say it’s every card that I just finished writing last friday. It took about 2-3 months after our wedding to get our thank-you cards, as we put photos from our wedding day on them. And, I did write some right away! There were some cards that were sent out within 4-5 months of our wedding date. However, in the 6 months following, the ones that were sent out were few & far between, and not many. I’m really not quite sure what happened to those six months. I guess I was learning a lot & throwing myself into photography!  :)

So as I try and get addresses for the final 20ish cards, the moment the very last card is sent out, I will feel a sense of great relief! It’s done! Newlyweds, newly-married beautiful wifes, don’t do what I did – avoid my mistake, and make a goal for yourself, a certain date to have them all sent out by, and stick to it! And to any family or friends that may be reading this…your cards will soon be on the way!  ;)

PS: For any who noticed…why yes, I do like to punctuate my exclamation marks with hearts instead of dots, as well as add hearts as decoration to a thank-you card!  Hearts make everything better, just like bacon.  :)

PPS: Thanks to the awesome Moore Photography for my AMAZING wedding photos.


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