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Baby Matthias Sneak Peek.

A few weeks ago, I took some photos of Matthias, baby newborn of Mark & Kristin, dear friends to my friend Laura. He was such a cutie, and I got some photos of his older twin brothers as well..adorable! Can’t wait to show those  :)  As for now though, here’s Matthias & his momma..

Unfortunately most times we took the soother out (thats Canadian for ‘pacifier’, for those who didn’t my husband David, with the first time I said it he was like ‘what is a soother??’ and then laughed at me & my ‘cute Canadian terms’, and I just smiled proudly  ;)  …knowing someday our kids would be calling it a soother!!!), Matthias would some photos have the soother in them…which only makes them as cute!  :)

On a different note, seeing as I am still having problems trying to calibrate my computer, I’ve been working on designing my website…and it’s really starting to come together! I’m looking forward to the day I launch it as well as a facebook fan page…within the month!! :)

Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend!


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